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Clearwater Wrongful Death Lawyer

Representing Your Family in Florida Wrongful Death Claims

At the law firm of Joseph Montrone, Jr., P.A., I provide counsel for the families of deadly accident victims in wrongful death litigation. While the general outline of the factual and legal issues in a wrongful death case are very similar to those encountered in a personal injury case, I know that the experience of losing a loved one is very different from that of surviving a serious accident. For a free consultation with a trial lawyer about your legal and practical options following a death due to negligence, contact my office in Clearwater.

One important difference between a personal injury claim and a wrongful death case tends to involve the client’s practical ability and interest in dealing with the burdens of litigation. The emotional demands, stresses and adjustments that a grieving family needs to make can often mean that it would rather not deal with a lawsuit. Although I understand that perspective, I’m also aware that a client’s ability to protect important interests has a way of diminishing over time.

As a result, I adapt my interaction with a client family to respect its needs while working to pursue its rights to compensation. Different families react in different ways to an accidental death, and I’ve seen a family’s needs change over time as well. I can work toward protecting you from the burdens of wrongful death litigation while developing and refining your claim for money damages.

I handle wrongful death litigation resulting from many different kinds of accidents:

For the advice of a trial attorney who understands what it means to work with people adjusting to the loss of a loved one, contact the Clearwater law firm of Joseph Montrone, Jr., P.A.