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Experienced Florida Lawyer Handles Warrant Proceedings

St. Petersburg attorney protects your rights if you are named in a warrant 

A warrant authorizes law enforcement to arrest an individual who is suspected of being involved in criminal activity or who has violated a court directive. There are several different variants of warrants, but if you’re named in one, finding the right criminal defense lawyer should be your top priority. At Joseph Montrone, Jr., P.A. in St. Petersburg, I am an accomplished Florida attorney who provides prompt, effective counsel to subjects of all types of warrants. Whether the warrant in question can be challenged or the best path is to surrender, seek your release and start preparing to defend the case against you, my firm is here for you. 

Types of warrants

Various types of warrants are issued by Florida courts, such as the following:

  • Arrest warrant — When a law enforcement officer believes that probable cause exists showing that a suspect committed a crime, they can seek an arrest warrant from the court. 
  • Probation warrant — Someone on probation is subject to numerous rules. Should a violation occur, the probation officer might request that a warrant be issued authorizing return of the probationer to custodial detention. 
  • Extradition warrant — In cases involving alleged felonies occurring in other states, Florida judges produce extradition warrants to have the individual returned to the state where they face prosecution. 
  • Search warrant — Police officers and other investigative authorities typically must obtain a search warrant from the court in order to search an individual’s premises or vehicle. 
  • Bench warrant — In the event that a person violates a court order or fails to show up for a required appearance, the judge can issue a warrant calling for the violator’s arrest. 
  • Alias capias warrant — An alias capias warrant is similar to a bench warrant, but it is more serious as it applies to defendants accused of felonies who did not attend mandatory court appearances. 

Being named in any type of warrant is a serious situation that requires strong guidance from an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Regardless of the specific circumstances, my firm will get to work right away to prepare an appropriate response.

Checking for an outstanding warrant

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement allows members of the public to conduct online searches to determine if there is an outstanding warrant against them. If you are unsure of how to do this or what it specifically means if your name shows up, I will give you the information you need. You can rely on me to protect your fundamental rights and to challenge any inappropriately issued warrant. 

Resolving an outstanding warrant

Once a warrant is issued, you can be arrested at any time. Warrants do not expire, so the problem won’t go away. Even if you believe that sufficient legal grounds do not exist for the warrant or that you have been targeted due to mistaken identification, you should retain an experienced defense lawyer to help you resolve the warrant. When you contact my firm, I will review the facts thoroughly and advocate for fair treatment as you are being processed in the criminal justice system. Waiting to be arrested in public or turning yourself in without a qualified attorney can make a difficult situation even worse. 

Contact a Florida defense lawyer for a free consultation regarding a warrant issue

The office of Joseph Montrone, Jr., P.A. in St. Petersburg provides strong legal representation for Floridians who have been targeted in all types of court warrants. Please call 727-888-0102 or contact me online for a free consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney.