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Florida Attorney Handles Probation Matters

St. Petersburg defense lawyer guides clients who have been sentenced to probation 

Probation is a form of court supervision that can be applied in cases where someone has been convicted of a Florida criminal offense. It might be used as an alternative to incarceration or may be imposed for a set period of time following someone’s release from prison. However, a single probation violation could lead to probation being revoked and being replaced with time behind bars. At Joseph Montrone, Jr., P.A. in St. Petersburg, I advise clients who are on probation about the standards they must meet and I defend them if they are accused of violating a condition set by the court. 

Types of supervision under Florida law

Some of the particular forms of probation that can be imposed by Florida courts include the following:

  • Standard probation — With standard probation, an individual is supervised by an officer and must report on a monthly basis. There are numerous other general conditions, as well as possibly specific restrictions imposed by the court. 
  • Administrative probation — Defendants sentenced to administrative probation do not have to satisfy the reporting requirements associated with standard probation. However, if they are arrested, their probationary status can be revoked. 
  • Sex offender probation — The nature of a sexual offense can trigger specialized restrictions on someone who is not incarcerated. An individual convicted of a sex crime might be barred from taking a job that involves contact with children or prohibited from accessing pornographic websites. 
  • Community control — Certain probationers are subject to community control, sometimes referred to as house arrest. This means that they are allowed to reside in their home and go to certain places, such as the supermarket, church or a medical appointment, based on a schedule approved by their assigned officer. 
  • Drug offender probation — Someone who has been convicted a crime related to drugs might be required to complete an intensive form of probation that includes treatment for addiction to a controlled substance. 

Whatever your case entails, you can rely on me for knowledgeable counsel so that you have a full understanding of your probationary terms. 

Common probation restrictions

The supervision system relies on officers knowing where probationers are. You cannot change your residence or job without letting your probation officer know. Likewise, you cannot prevent the officer supervising you from visiting your home. If someone around you is engaging in illegal activity, you must refrain from associating with them. Don’t lose your freedom because of an inadvertent error. I can help you avoid probate problems. 

Standard probation conditions

Though probation is much better than being incarcerated, you should never forget that you’re still under the strict authority of the court. In addition to specific restrictions that might be imposed based on your circumstances and the crime involved, Florida has several standard conditions for those who are on probation. Most important, someone on probation must avoid arrest, as well as intoxication and the use of illegal drugs. Firearm ownership or possession is also prohibited unless approved by the assigned probation officer. Typically, someone on probation must also pay restitution to the victim. 

What happens if you are accused of violating probation?

A violation of probation could result in revocation of supervised release, putting the individual back behind bars. However, one of the goals of graduated sanctions in Florida is for the sentencing authority to issue a sanction that is commensurate with the severity of the violation. This is where hiring a seasoned criminal defense lawyer is critical. I will investigate what occurred and argue against overly harsh punishment, especially if the alleged violation was based on a misunderstanding or on extenuating circumstances. 

Contact a Florida defense lawyer for a free consultation about a probation matter

Joseph Montrone, Jr., P.A. advocates for Florida clients who have been accused of probation violations and individuals accused of criminal offenses. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal options, please call 727-888-0102 or contact me online. My office is in St. Petersburg.