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No Valid Driver’s License Enhancements As Of July 1, 2024

New Law For Driving Without A Valid License In Florida

The Florida Legislature passed a bill that was signed by the Governor that will go into effect as of July 1, 2024.  Prior to this new law, all crimes charging a person driving without a valid driver’s license were punished as a second-degree misdemeanor only.  The maximum penalty was up to 60 days in the county jail and a $500 fine.

What’s Changed?

As of July 1, 2024, the law will change.  Now upon a first conviction, the penalty is still a second-degree misdemeanor.  Upon a second conviction, the potential penalty will be enhanced to a first-degree misdemeanor which carries a maximum penalty of up to a year in the county jail and a $1,000 fine.  Upon a third or subsequent conviction, the maximum penalty is a first-degree misdemeanor, to include a mandatory 10-day jail sentence.

A conviction for a No Valid Driver’s License charge is still not counted towards a possible suspension under the Habitual Traffic Offender Statute, Florida Section 322.64. (See Florida’s Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO) Designation: Criminal Traffic Pleas Can Come Back to Haunt You).

If You Have Been Charged

Please contact me if you have been arrested or charged with this or any other crime.