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A Skilled St. Petersburg Criminal Defense Lawyer Helps Safeguard Your Rights in Court

Helping clients throughout the Clearwater and St. Petersburg area fight against serious charges

Being charged with a crime in the state of Florida is a serious matter that can have a devastating effect on your personal and professional life. If you are facing a criminal charge, you need to seek help from an attorney who knows how to defend your constitutional rights in court. At the law office of Joseph Montrone, Jr., P.A., I give your case the personal attention and effective service you deserve. I have been practicing law in the state of Florida for 26 years, both as a prosecutor and now as a criminal defense attorney. This experience on both sides of the law gives me an extensive familiarity with how the legal process works to get you the results you need.

Sophisticated criminal defense services

Any criminal case needs the help of an experienced defense attorney who knows how to get results. At my law office, I represent clients who have been charged with felonies and misdemeanors, including:

  • DUI — I defend clients in court who have been charged with a DUI in the St. Petersburg area. I also push the court to either reduce or throw out the charges against you, depending on the evidence presented.
  • Drug charges — Depending on the severity of the allegations against you, a drug charge may be considered a serious felony or a light misdemeanor. No matter the circumstances of your case, I stand by your side during the proceedings to make sure your constitutional rights are never infringed upon by the court.
  • Sex crimes — If you have been charged with a sex crime, I help you understand the charges against you and help establish a defense strategy that is specifically tailored for your case.
  • Weapons charges — I safeguard your constitutional rights against unjust weapons charges, including possession and trafficking cases.
  • Domestic violence — Being charged with domestic violence can have an irreversible impact on your family life and reputation. I defend clients in court against false allegations and unwarranted restraining orders, so they can continue living the life they deserve.
  • Juvenile offenses — Don’t let a juvenile offense jeopardize your future. I provide clients under the age of 18 with sophisticated criminal defense with an eye toward their future.
  • Theft and property crimes — In theft and property crimes cases, I fight the evidence presented against you and ensure that your day in court is fair and just.

Get the effective criminal defense services you need today

If you are in need of a St. Petersburg criminal defense attorney, it’s important to contact an attorney as soon as possible. Call the office of Joseph Montrone, Jr., P.A. today at 727-888-0102 or contact me online to schedule a free consultation on your case.