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Criminal Pre-Filing Decision: Don’t Miss Your Window of Opportunity!

An arrest for a crime is just that – an arrest.  It’s not a conviction.  It means that the arresting officer is of the opinion that there is probable cause to arrest you for the charge.  That is not to say that it is an insignificant event.  It is significant and important.  An arrest is… Read More »

Non-Cooperative Victim in a Florida Domestic Violence Case

You’ve been arrested in Florida for domestic violence and the victim doesn’t want to prosecute.  The victim may have even filed a Request Not to Prosecute or stated so in open court.  Should you just assume that the charges are going to be dropped?  The short answer is no. Florida Law specifically states that domestic… Read More »


So you went out one night and had a few too many and you got arrested for DUI.  You sat in jail over night and finally bonded out or got ROR’d the next morning.  You may even have blown over the legal limit.  You feel bad physically from the arrest and spending the night in… Read More »

Domestic Battery in Florida: It’s Not Like Every Other Crime

DOMESTIC BATTERY IN FLORIDA: It’s Not Like Every Other Crime Hard Line Approach  As a practicing criminal defense attorney, I often receive calls from individuals who have either been arrested for domestic batter, or from the “victim” of domestic battery calling on behalf of the arrested person.  More often than not, if it is the “victim”… Read More »


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